Monday, September 22, 2014

SM - Main Vocalist

As Music group, vocal line is important part but it's not all thing in Korean Music Industry. In K-Pop, they made light spot more focus on visual or face of group member. But I believe you guys will agree with me that Main Vocalist always have their own attraction.

Let's check out Main vocal member of the star museum SM Entertainment.

Shinhwa - HyeSung
Wonder if you agree that he has baby face since his debut, but he has black belt in Taekwondo, it surprised me!!!
Btw, I am attracted by his high kick jump on Perfect Man's performance.


S.E.S - Bada

DB5K - Junsu
DB5K (5 members) got many successes and became as one of KPop legend groups.
Their singing and performance skill always admired fan and their hoobae. We cannot forget to mention Junsu's voice take a big role on their success.


Super Junior - KRY
KRY (Kyuhyun - Ryeowool - Yesung), Super Junior's three main-vocalist have 3 types of voice and it helps SJ's songs have more and more colorful. 




SNSD - Taeyeon
Taeyeon not only attract fan with her baby face but also her voice.
Kid leader Taeyeon

SHINee - Jonghyun
Shinee is good at live, Jonghyung is good and charm

f(x) - Luna
People said she is underrate. Yes, she's pretty and talent.


EXO - Chen Baek D.O
As Super Junior, EXO has many vocalist and Chen, Baekhyun and D.O are always considered as group's best vocalist.
On my opinion, three of them can do highnote well (but Chen can do on lownote)
Chen is on 12 at all handsome ranking, but I cannot know the reason why, hes more and more handsome now (Overdose era). His voice is heaven and unique, I mean when hear someone are singing, it's easy to find out that is Chen because of his special voice.




Red Velvet - Wendy
Wendy is main vocalist of rookie girlgroup Red Velvet, cannot say many thing about her. But on first view, she is pretty and her voice is nice. 


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