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  Name: f(x)
  Debuted date: September 2, 2009.
  Company: SM Entertainment.
  Member: Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, Krystal.
  Fanclub name: Pearl Light Periwinkle.
  Fan colour:
  Active year: 2009 - present

f(x) is a 5-member girl group  formed in 2009 by S.M. Entertainment with fusion electro pop sounds style.
They debuted on September 5, 2009 with 'LA chA TA'.
The quintet composes of Chinese leader Victoria, Taiwanese-American member Amber, Korean members Luna and Sulli, and Korean-American member Krystal.
Victoria - Amber - Sulli - Krystal - Luna (Cr: Lov Cat Paris)

Member's profile:

Real name: Victoria Song
Gender: Female
Stage name: Victoria
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: February 02, 1987
Height: 168cm
Blood: A
Label:  SM Entertainment
- In early 2008, first media appearance in Spris commercial  with South Korean singer-actor Lee JunKi.
 - In April 2008, she modeled for Samsung in a music video with Korean actor-singer Rain.
- She had filmed a CF with TVXQ.
- In May 2008, she appeared in Shinee's music video Replay (누난 너무 예뻐).
- In June 2010, she was member to We Got Married, pairing up with Nichkhun of 2PM - Khuntoria couple
- She was ranked at #80 on The 2013 Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces.

Real name: Amber Josephine Liu
Gender: Female
Stage name: Amber
Nationality: Taiwanese American
Birthday: September 18, 1992
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Height: 167cm
Blood: B
Label:  SM Entertainment
- She's tomboy
- When she went shopping with Krystal once while she was a trainee, people thought she was her boyfriend
- People say she looks similar to SuJu's Donghae (personally, I think GOT7's Jackson looks like her too)
- She holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

Real name: Park Sun-Young
Gender: Female
Stage name: Luna
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: August 12, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 162cm
Blood: A
Label:  SM Entertainment
- She has identical twin sister name Jin-Young
- Her hobbies are watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese

Real name: Choi Jin-ri
Gender: Female
Stage name: Sulli
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: March 29, 1994
Position: Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Visual
Height: 167cm
Blood: O
Label:  SM Entertainment
- She was the first member to debut, making a debut as a child actress in 2005
- On April 2012, Sulli along labelmate, SHINee's Choi Minho played the leading role for To the Beautiful You drama.

Real name: Jung Soo Jung
Gender: Female
Stage name: Krystal
Nationality: Korean/American
Birthday: October 24, 1994
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 165cm
Blood: A
Label:  SM Entertainment
- She is the little sister of Girls' Generation's member Jessica
- She appeared in High Kick 3!, playing the role of Ahn Soo Jung
- She appeared in SHINee's 'Juliette' MV
- She prefers being called her real name over her stage name
- She is the only member that doesn't live in their dorm, and instead lives with her parents
- In 2013, Krystal was casted in The Heirs, portraying the role of Lee Bo Na, a wealthy high school student, who appears to be somewhat spoiled, yet is still very cute and has a good heart



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