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Name: EXID
Debuted date: February 16, 2012
Company: Yedang Entertainment.
Member: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa.
Fanclub name: Melody
Fan color: Blue sky
Active year: 2012 - present

EXID stands for EXceed In Dreaming.
Junghwa - Solji - Hyerin - Hani - LE
Member's profile:

Real name: Heo Sol Ji
Gender: Female
Stage name: Solji
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 10, 1989
Instagram: @soulg_heo
Label:  Yedang Entertainment
 -Debuted in 2006 in a ballad duo group 2NB -Being a vocal trainer before becoming a member of EXID.

Real name: Ahn Hyo Jin
Gender: Female
Stage name: LE
Nationality: Korean
Position:Main Rapper
Birthday: December 10, 1991
Instagram: @ahn_ellybaby
Label:  Yedang Entertainment
-Used to be an underground rapper with group Jiggy Fellaz.
-In 2011, before debutting with EXID, LE released "Whenever You Play That Song", a duet with Huh Gak.
-In 2012, collaborated with Gavy NJ for the song "Don't Call Me".
-In 2013, collaborated with BIGSTAR's FeelDog & B2ST's Junhyung for the song called "You Got Some Nerve".
-In 2014, she wrote lyrics for songs "French Kiss" and "Blacklist" in 4Minute's Hyuna mini-album "A Talk".

Real name: Ahn Hee Yeon
Gender: Female
Stage name: Hani
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group
Birthday: May 1, 1992
Instagram: @ahnhani_92
Label:  Yedang Entertainment
-She is former trainee of JYP Entertainment.
-In 2014, she join tvN's Always Cantare.
-In 2015, she appeared in Mad Clown's music video for "Fire".
-In 2015, she made a cameo appearance in The Producers as herself.
-On June 2015, she and VIXX's Ken released a duet song titled "Gap".
-On January 1, 2016, it was reported that she and JYJ's Junsu have been dating for six months.

Real name: Seo Hye Rin
Gender: Female
Stage name: Hyerin
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: August 23, 1993
Instagram: @hyeliniseo
Label:  Yedang Entertainment

Real name: Park Jung Hwa
Gender: Female
Stage name: Junghwa
Nationality: Korean
Position: Maknae, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: May 8, 1995
Instagram: @junghwa_0508
Label:  Yedang Entertainment
-She is former trainee of JYP Entertainment.
-Appear in Wonder Girls' Tell Me MV.
-In 2011, she appeared in Huh Gak and LE's "Whenever You Play That Song".
-In 2013, she appeared in I-Rex's "That You're My Girl".
-In 2014, she appeared in RK Kim Seong-hui's "10:10" and "You Are My Everything".
-In 2015, she portrayed Yook Ah-young in the drama Webtoon Hero Toondra Show.


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